Club dive plan

The club dive plan shows the dives that we have planned so far. It is updated periodically as the diving season progresses. All members are very welcome to propose other dives and get involved in selecting sites and running dives. In addition to the dives in the plan, there will also be other diving arranged on an ad hoc basis such as weekday diving on the club RIBs over the summer or charter boat day trips and evening trips.

Many other sites are available to us and details of many sites be found on this website or in the Dive Manager’s folder which is available at the club on Wednesday nights – just ask the diving officer if you want to have a look.

All diving is subject to weather conditions on the day. For the deeper dives the dive managers will try to offer shallower alternatives as well if they can. If you see a dive you want to go on, go to the Grey Section below or the “ClubEvent” App. and book it!