Welcome to Totnes Sub-Aqua Club

South Devon’s most active and friendly Scuba dive club, based near Totnes with two RIBs we go on diving adventures on our doorstep, across the South West and further afield. Join us to experience some of the best diving in the country.

Crowdfunding Logo

If you would like a taster session in the pool please contact us.

Crowdfunding went very well and we have a very swish new electric Boathouse door! That will save our backs.

We also have a custom built mixing panel that can mix Tri-mix and Nitrox. This will make it safer as we are able to use Nitrox more often.

The swimming sessions are now at 7.30pm in the Pool on Wednesdays, followed by the shout in the Boathouse at approximately 9pm.

Please follow Link to the club Dive Plan

Thank you. Keep safe and see you soon.