Welcome to Totnes Sub-Aqua Club

South Devon’s most active and friendly dive club, based near Totnes with two RIBs we go on diving adventures on our doorstep, across the South West and further afield. Join us to experience some of the best diving in the country.

Coming event. Not to be missed

Paul Naylor Great Marine Animals

20th February at 8.15pm  Paul Naylor will be giving a talk based on his fascinating observations of British marine animals. His underwater photographs are simply amazing and his work over the

years has been used to support the Marine Conservation Society and Wildlife Trusts. Definitely not a talk to be missed.

‘More marine life action close to home

From territorial but deceitful blennies to creative spider crabs, the animals we meet on every dive have brilliantly intriguing behaviour. Marine biologist and underwater photographer Paul Naylor is captivated by their antics and will talk about his recent observations, mainly around Devon. Paul uses his material to raise awareness of our wonderful marine life, is author of the book ‘Great British Marine Animals’ and writes the ‘Critter Confidential’ column for BSAC’s SCUBA magazine.’