Awards and achievements

Anchor at Babbacombe

Anchor at Babbacombe (Photo: Dan Bolt)

The most prestigious award a BSAC dive can achieve is the Heinke trophy. It is awarded annually to a branch judged to have done most to further it’s members interests and the BSAC and is hotly contested. We are proud to have won it in 1994 and 2006, and been runner up in 1999. We were also the runners-up for the BSAC/Diver Spotlight Award in 1998. We like to think of this as recognition of our passion to remain one of the best clubs in the country.

Every year within the club, we celebrate the best and brightest of our divers diving by presenting three awards.

Diver of the year is presented to the person who has made the biggest contribution to club diving that year.

2018 Sarah Dashfield

2017 Allan and Carole Tudor

2016 Pete Watton

2015 Steve McKay

2014 Steve Fox

2013 Paul Newland

2012 Mike Balmforth

2011 Dominic Walley

2010 Allen Murray

2009 Rosemarie Longfield

2008 Paul Newland

2007 John Oliphant

2006 Tony Clarke

2005 Ruth Swarbrick

2004 Mike Balmforth & Allen Murray

2003 Bella Snook

2002 Carole Tudor

2001 Richard Wood

2000 Barry Preston

1999 Richard Knights

1998 Dave Topley

1997 Martin Cox

1996 Derek Pearson

1995 Karen Jones

1994 Allen Murray

1993 Sean Sessions

1992 Sarah Dashfield

1991 Steve Widdicombe

1990 Ben Donaghue

1989 Marie-Louise Sessions

1988 Nick Parsons

1987 Kevin Sessions

1986 Simon Powell

1985 Dave Crockford

1984 Ray Evans

1983 Nigel Sweatman

1982 Martin Cox

1981 Phil Owens

1980 John Greenwood

1979 Kevin Moran


Novice of the year goes to the person who has shown the most promise during their first steps into diving – either because they made it all look easy or because they overcame the biggest challenges to get there.

2018 Steve Bessant

2017 Marianne Lewis

2016 Judith Peplow

2015 Katie Swan

2014 Kim Maidment

2013 Michelle Godden

2012 Steve Fox

2011 Mike Spray

2010 Tracey Cleave

2009 Helen Hardwicke & Lu La Buzz

2007 Natalia Passynkova

2006 Andy Pedrick

2005 John Hern

2004 Peter Rogers

2003 Pete Watton

2002 Lis Leader

2001 Mark Fahey

2000 Aaron Sharp

1999 Chris Catt

1998 Shaun Carter

1997 James Drummond

1996 Debbie Bowditch

1995 Mark Hanson

1994 Gavin Houlston

1993 Tigger Passey

1992 Gill Keites

1991 Andy Hawkins

1990 Robin Wilson

1989 John Kemp

1988 Steve Jesney

1987 John Woollacott

1986 Mike Maslin

1985 Mike Ford


Trainee of the year is presented to the person who has achieved the most in the diver training.

2018 Margaret Cushen

2017 Harry Mann

2016 Geoff Ford

2015 Val Godden

2014 Pete Watton

2013 Jon Goodfellow & Richard Knights

2012 Paul Downs

2011 Richard Luscombe

2010 Mark Chatwin & Neil Edlin

2009 Dominic Walley

2008 Jon Goodfellow

Well done to our winners!