Site positions, depths and slack water times

Here is a list of positions, depths and slack times for some dive sites in South Devon and beyond. If you have any additions or amendments to make to this list then please email the diving officer.

Note that slack water times are relative to high tide at the specified port. All positions expressed to three decimal minutes are WSG84 positions which have been verified by Totnes BSAC. Other positions are older and may be expressed to two decimal minutes or in degrees, minutes and seconds.

Slack times quoted are the beginnings of the slack. The duration of the slack is often dependent on whether the tides are Spring, Neap or in between. If it is important then this can be worked out with Tidal Diamonds on the relative chart.

HW Torbay is HW Devonport +35mins
HW Dartmouth is HW Devonport +30mins
HW Salcombe is HW Devonport + 10mins

NamePositionDepthSlack before HW (hrs)Slack after HW (hrs)Duration (mins)PortCommentsType
Aircraft at Challaborough?50 16.420 - 03 54.83020South Devon reef
Alternative Rutts50 13.740 - 03 57.33018 - 34South Devon reef
The Ambassador50 11.529 - 03 49.782511.5 - 2.0 (neap) 2.5 - 3.0 (springs)3SalcombeSimilar to Skaala. Note that slacks vary according to neap or springsSouth Devon wreck
Anchor Reef50 12.714 - 03 54.53330 - 45South Devon reef
Ann Marie50 27.38N  - 003 27.34W2723TorbayLyme Bay wreck
Barge50 16:32 - 04 01:85?South Devon wreck
Barn Pool5-40HWHW45-75DevonportSlack is -30 to +15 on springs; -45 to +30 on neapsSouth Devon reef
Baychattan50 11.443 - 03 42.110603-4SalcombeThere's no slack before HWSouth Devon wreck
Benton Castle3523DartmouthBest viz after HWSouth Devon wreck
Berry Head dropoff3524TorbayBest done at slack.South Devon reef
Blackstone point50 17.537 - 04.03.47412-24South Devon reef
Bleamoor50 22.45N - 003 25.18W43Lyme Bay wreck
Boma50 32.163 - 03 14.33033Lyme Bay wreck
The Bretagne

50:29:490 - 03:22:698W2524TorbayDiveable at many states of the tide, but best on slack after HWLyme Bay wreck
Burgh Island50 00.41N - 05 07.34W25Challaboro' Diveable at any state of the tideSouth Devon reef
Cantabria10Salcombe Calm water is needed for this dive - any swell ruins the diveSouth Devon wreck
Cattons (5 mile reef)50 09.647 - 03 53.55630 - 60South Devon reef
The Charlwood50 11.431 - 04 22.10663South Devon wreck
City of Swansea50 28.52N - 003 11.25W40Lyme Bay wreck
Cod Rock20+TorbaySouth Devon reef
Dartmouth Submarine522.53.5DartmouthBest viz on slack after HWSouth Devon wreck
Dartmouth Tug15Dartmouth South Devon wreck
Devil's Point35HWHWDevonportSlack is -30 to +15 on springs; -45 to +30 on neapsSouth Devon reef
Draystone15-2522DevonportSouth Devon reef
Dudley Rose50 23.41N - 003 26.24W3524TorbayPoor slack/viz on before HW slackLyme Bay wreck
Dutch Tug50 20.250 - 03 31.28317South Devon wreck
Earlstone0South Devon reef
East Rutts50 13.459 - 03 58.90712-402.5?2.33SalcombeIf not slack then be careful which side of the Rutts you place your diversSouth Devon reef
Eastern Blackstone0-3023DartmouthUsually a sheltered place somewhereSouth Devon reef
Eastern Kings10-30HWLWDevonportDiveable in most states of weather. Slack is -30 to +15 on springs; -45 to +30 on neapsSouth Devon reef
Eddystone Lighthouse50 10.900 - 04 15.6808-403-42-3DevonportDiveable somewhere at any state of the tideSouth Devon reef
Eddystone SE pinnacle50 10.807 - 04 15:72912-45South Devon reef
The Elk50 18.427 - 04 10.3143233DevonportDiveable at most states of the tide, but best at HW & LWSouth Devon wreck
Elk Reef0DevonportSouth Devon reef
Elsa40+2DartmouthCan be darkSouth Devon wreck
Empress of India4415DevonportLyme Bay wreck
Fairyland trawler50 17.698 - 04 04.12720South Devon wreck
Foyle50 16.734 - 04 10.8704733DevonportSouth Devon wreck
Galicia50 33.18N - 003 26.22W20TeignmouthDiveable at any state of the tideLyme Bay wreck
Gammon Head0SalcombeSouth Devon reef
Glen Strathallan50 18.955 - 04 07.67315DevonportSouth Devon wreck
Glocliffe50:27:139 - 03:17:3794024DartmouthLyme Bay wreck
Greatham4623DartmouthBest viz on slack after HWSouth Devon wreck
Greeleen50 27.41N - 003 13.51W4324DevonportLyme Bay wreck
Hand Deeps50 12.586 - 04.20.39110-403-42-3DevonportExperienced divers could drift dive at any state of neap tideSouth Devon reef
Hat Rock20-603-42-3DevonportSouth Devon reef
Hellopes50 04.26N - 05 29.32W41SW Cornish wreck
The Herzogin Cecile7SalcombeDiveable at any state of the tide. Can be strongish currents at eastern edge of the bay.South Devon wreck
Hay Tor Reef50 10.624N - 03 54.197W30 - 452 neapishDevonportProbably similar to Ambassador. Reef very exposed to tidal streams.South Devon reef
Hillsea - Fairyland50 17.696 - 04 04.1588-30South Devon reef
Hilsea Pinnacles6-3032-3DevonportComplete slack at -2 to -3 on neaps. Dive on slack.South Devon reef
Hilsea Point50 17.334 - 04.02.7288-302-32-3DevonportHW + 4 gives good 0.5-1.0 knot drift.South Devon reef
Ilston49 57.12N- 05 09.43W50SW Cornish wreck
James Eagan Layne12-26DevonportNo strong currrents.South Devon wreck
Jebba50 14.067 - 03 51.75010South Devon wreck
Kendal Castle4923DartmouthSouth Devon wreck
Knap Shoal10-202-32-3DevonportAll drift divesSouth Devon reef
London Bridge10TorbayDiveable at any state of the tideSouth Devon reef
Lord Stewart50 29.37N - 003 16.60W3424TorbayLyme Bay wreck
The Louis Shied10Challaboro' Diveable at any state of the tideSouth Devon wreck
M2 submarine50 34.607 - 02 33.981354PortlandLyme Bay wreck
The Maine50 12.750 - 03 50.960353340SalcombeReally need neaps for this. Currents can vary from surface to bottom.South Devon wreck
The Medina50 12.425 - 03 32.25150 - 652-33-4SalcombeVis variable. Lies N - S with bow facing S. No scour.South Devon wreck
Medoc50 15.140 - 04 14.286552-33-4Plymouth3-4 hrs after HW is the better (ie. weaker) slackSouth Devon wreck
Mewstone Dropoff25-4022DevonportDiveable at any state of tide on neaps.  Better viz on floodSouth Devon reef
Mewstone Ledges10-3023DevonportSouth Devon reef
Modavia50 23.25N   - 003 01.54W50Lyme Bay wreck
Mohegan50 02 773N - 05 02 803W15-25SW Cornish wreck
Mohegan - boiler50 02 768N - 05 02 636W15-25SW Cornish wreck
Morris Rogue6-14Torbay Currents are usually quite slightSouth Devon reef
The Newholm50 12.577 - 03 38.530443.54SalcombeShort slack before HW. Neaps advisable. Currents vary through the water columnSouth Devon wreck
Nice Reef50 12.534 - 03 56.53522 - 36South Devon reef
Northville50 24.27N - 003 24.37W4124TorbayPoor slack/viz on before HW slackLyme Bay wreck
50 14.706 - 03 56.389352.5Challaboro' South Devon wreck
Paddle Steamer22SalcombeSouth Devon wreck
Perrone50 28.16N - 003 22.51W30Lyme Bay wreck
The Persier50 17.102 - 03 58.12232Challaboro'Diveable at any state of the tide, but some current on springsSouth Devon wreck
Pete's Patch50 18.183 : 04 07.215
15 - 25South Devon reef
Picton Castle3723DartmouthPossible to dive 2 hours either side of slack on neaps. Best on floodSouth Devon wreck
Placidas Farroult120.530DartmouthSlack 30 min after HW or LW. Best dived on rising tide or HW slackSouth Devon wreck
Plymouth Drop off50 17.628 - 04 08.75030 - 42South Devon reef
Poulmic50 19.193 - 04 09.69618-2222DevonportSouth Devon wreck
Prawle Point18-30SalcombeSouth Devon reef
Princess Royal50 19.27N - 05 20.05W40SW Cornish wreck
The Rame Head Barge50 18.368 - 04 14.76534South Devon wreck
The Riversdale50 11.777 - 03 44.14342330DevonportDoesn't appear to be a slack before HW. Tidal flows can vary from surface to bottom. Springs not advisable.South Devon wreck
Rosehill50 19.790 - 04 18.5383533DevonportSlack not critical?South Devon wreck
Rota50 24.59N - 003 18.54W46Lyme Bay wreck
Sevilla50 24.13N - 003 22.55W42Lyme Bay wreck
Shagstone5-15DevonportStrongest tidal streams before & after HW, but never that badSouth Devon reef
Shoal Ground50 11.709 - 03 50.251252South Devon reef
Shoal Ground dropoff50 11.672 - 03 49.92328 - 40South Devon reef
Skaala50 11.759 - 03 49.6844533SalcombeArrive early and wait for slack. Long slack on neaps (+3 to +4, or more). See AmbassadorSouth Devon wreck
Soudan50 12.540 - 03 46.58522HWHW20SalcombeSlack at HW & LWSouth Devon wreck
Starling Drop50 12.280 - 03 46.7632552SalcombeSite subject to exposed currentsSouth Devon reef
Start Point9-15HWHWSalcombeDiveable at any state of the tide in the shallows near shoreSouth Devon reef
Start Race24-353Salcombe Strong tidal race up to 4 knotsSouth Devon reef
Stoke Point Barge50.16.417 - 04 01.96041South Devon wreck
Stoke Reef50 17.233 - 04 01.33330South Devon reef
Submarine - Dartmouth50:19:95 - 03:29:8350Lyme Bay wreck
The Bull26-4823.5DartmouthSouth Devon reef
The Crags50 19:323 - 04 09:56817 - 2433DevonportDiveable at most states of tidePlymouth outside of Sound near Poulmic. A Reef.
The Gulleys50 17.531 - 04 03.65615-25South Devon reef
The Ridge7-10TorbayDiveable at any state of the tideSouth Devon reef
Three Pinnacles50 13.955 - 03 53.96817 - 30 3 3SalcombeMild drift ideal for this siteSouth Devon reef
Tinker Shoal10-22DevonportDiveable at any state of tide on neaps.  Best viz at HW floodSouth Devon reef
Tinsey Head182.50.515 - 30DartmouthSouthward drift for much of the time.South Devon reef
Totnes Castle50 15.375 - 03 58.841452.545 - 60Challaboro'South Devon wreck
Trawler50 17.268 - 04 12.24355South Devon wreck
Trawler (Tasmania)50 10.015 - 03 52.52256South Devon wreck
U 106350 08.940 - 03 53.47160South Devon wreck
Unicorn-Tile Wreck50 16.937 - 04 15.5295333DevonportSouth Devon wreck
The Dartmouth Unidentified50:18:00 - 03:30:6046Lyme Bay wreck
HMS Untiring50 12.808 - 04 00.676543DevonportSouth Devon wreck
Uskmoor50 10:27  - 03 47:1450South Devon wreck
Volnay50 04 152N - 05 04 031W20SW Cornish wreck
Wells Rock50 17.486 - 03 56.29115Challaboro'South Devon reef
West Rutts50 13.695 - 04 05.31225 - 40Challaboro' South Devon reef
Western Ebb Rock8-16+DevonportSouth Devon reef
Wreathier50 10.711 - 03 49.70253SalcombeSouth Devon wreck