Data Protection

Information about you that the club holds

You have provided personal information to Totnes Sub Aqua Club to help it provide dives and develop your skills in a safe environment.  We may keep the following information:

  • Phone numbers, email address and home address which are shared with all members. For Junior members the parent or guardian’s details are shared.
  • Payments from and to you and your Bank Account and Sort Code. The latter is only applicable to members that have received payments/refunds from the club and will only be available to the club officers with access to the club bank accounts.
  • Self-Assessment Medical or Medical Referee Assessment. Only the Membership Secretary, Diving Officer and Training Officer have access to this information.
  • Qualifications, Training, dive records and cylinder fill records which will be available to the Diving Officer, Training Officer and Treasurer.
  • You may also be mentioned in meeting minutes, the weekly ‘Shout!’ and Incident Reports.

A contact list is provided to enable you to support TSAC activities and communicate with people organising events. Details should not be used to promote activities that the club is not supporting nor should details be shared with people that are not club members.

Members are also expected to take reasonable precautions to protect this data such as having up to date virus protection and not providing others with access to your account.

Please report possible breaches to the club Data Protection Officer (the Membership Secretary), for example if your email account is hacked or you have a virus on your computer.

For Junior Members, parents or guardians contact details are provided not the Junior.

You have a right to see the information that we hold, request errors are corrected and information deleted, however details may be retained where required to demonstrate TSAC’s compliance with legal obligations.

More details how different types of data will be used, distributed, stored and protected from misuse are provided in the Totnes Sub Aqua Club GDPR Policy.