Going diving with us

So how does it work?

  • Dive a few times as a guest to get to know us, but after that you need to be a club member if you want to dive.  See info about joining us and our guest diver policy.
  • You will need to have a current dive medical and (unless you are visiting to try out the club) you will need to be a member of BSAC.

Signing up for a dive

  • At the club on Wednesday evenings we talk about what diving is coming up. The info is also sent out to members in a weekly club email on a Wednesday night. This will tell you who is managing the diving on which days, where they are planning to go, and how to contact them.
  • Contact your dive manager
  • Let the dive manager know that you want to dive and give them some other information like your diving qualification, whether you can tow the boat and trailer and any useful info or comments (like whether you would prefer a shallower dive, what gas you are planning to dive with, etc.). You can do this through sign up sheets on the club noticeboard or you can email or phone the dive manager.
  • Keep in touch with the Dive Manager. Often they will arrange a “call in” the evening before to confirm final arrangements. They may need to change the dive plan because of weather or logistics.
  • Make it easy for your Dive Manager! Give them the info they need. Call in when they ask you to. Give them as much notice as you can. Let them know immediately if you signed up but can’t dive.

On the day:

    • Make sure you have enough money to pay for the dive!
    • Make sure you have the right kit for the dive, and that it is serviced and well maintained.

Diving is based on helping each other, so please offer to help at the boat shed, launching and retrieving boats, refuelling, towing, etc. It makes the day more fun and the Dive Manager’s job easier!

The small print

  • The Diving Officer has the authority to prevent anyone diving if their equipment, experience or training aren’t up to it.
  • All divers need to dive with an alternative air supply (an octopus, a twinset or a spare valve and pony cylinder).
  • We need to have at least four club members on a dive, including an Advanced Diver or a suitably trained and experienced Dive Leader.