How the club works

Totnes BSAC is run by by its members for its members.

The committee
Every year, we elect a committee of ten people to manage the club day to day. These people are volunteers and have a range of roles to keep the club healthy and active. The Chair keeps everything running smoothly while the Diving Officer has ultimate responsibility for our diving operations and their safety. They work alongside other club officers like the Treasurer, Secretary, Training Officer and Equipment Officer.    

Club activities

Diving on a local reef wall

Diving on a reef wall in the Scilly Isles (Photo: Simon Temple)


There are a million ways to get involved. Our members volunteer to arrange dives, plan trips, host training, support community events (like the Totnes Raft Race) and get involved in many other activities. We hope all members will chip in to help!

Further information
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Totnes BSAC takes an active role in the local community, helping kids learn to snorkel and providing support and expertise to local events such as the Totnes Canoe Festival and the River Dart Struggle. Contact us to find out more.