Launch sites


Mountbatten Slipway in Plymouth

Mountbatten slipway

  • Oreston
  • Richmond Walk
  • Queen Anne’s battery
  • Mount Batten
  • Fort Bovisand

Plymouth provides a number of accessible launch sites. Queen Anne’s Battery is well known as is Bovisand. Mount Batten opened in 1998, provides an excellent launch site and is very convenient for divers. It is possible to get air at both places. Mount Batten is now very popular, and parking can be awkward.
Sheltered from winds – N, E, SE, NW

  • Barn Pool
  • Breakwater Fort
  • Cannon Ball Alley
  • Eddystone
  • Elk Reef
  • Glen Strathallen
  • Hand Deeps
  • Hillsea Point
  • HMS Elk
  • HMS Foyle
  • James Egan Layne
  • Poulmic
  • Mallard Shoal
  • Mewstone
  • Penlee Head
  • Rame Head
  • Rosehill
  • Tinker Shoal


Challaborough slipway

Launching the boat is off the beach which is straightforward at high tide, although care must be taken of swell. Challaborough is a popular caravan site, so access may be tricky. In the summer season, the beach will be quite crowded. Challaborough now has a barrier at the top of the slipway and which can be opened by obtaining a key from the caravan reception at a price. Parking can be a problem and is no longer allowed on the beach.
Sheltered from winds – N, NE, NW, SE

  • Aircraft Graveyard
  • Burgh Island
  • East Rutts
  • Hillsea Point
  • Oregon
  • Persier
  • Stoke Point
  • Totnes Castle

Hope Cove

Hope Cove slipway

Inner HopeHope Cove has suffered from diver saturation in the past, so consideration for the needs of the local populace is important. Lauching may only be done on the old lifeboat slipway at Inner Hope for which a fee is charged. The photo was taken at near mid tide. Low tide means a long haul over the sand.
Sheltered from winds – N, E, NE, SE

  • East Rutts
  • Greystone ledges
  • Louis Sheid
  • Inner/Outer Reef
  • Jebba
  • Maine
  • Ramillies
  • Shoal ground
  • Skaala
  • Three Pinnacles


Batson Creek slipway, Salcombe

Launching can be done at the Shadycombe park for which a substantial fee is charged. It is an excellent launch site, however, and is well used by all sorts of craft. There is usually ample car park space.
Sheltered from winds – N, NW, NE, E, (SW)

  • Ambassador
  • Gammon Head
  • Herzogin Cecilie
  • Lannacombe Bay
  • Maine
  • Newholm
  • Paddle Steamer
  • Peartree point
  • Prawle Point
  • Riversdale
  • Shoal ground
  • Skaala
  • Soudan
  • Start Point
  • Wreithier


Hallsands slipway (note that sand movement has now made the slipway unusable)

Hallsands is not suitable for launching rigid hull inflatables, but it is perfectly possible to launch smaller inflatables provided that there are enough willing hands. Care needs to be taken of swell. No air fills but no parking fees.
Sheltered from winds – NW, SW, W, S

  • Hallsands
  • Inner Reef
  • Lannacombe Bay
  • Newholm
  • Peartree Point
  • Skerries
  • Start Point
  • Tinsey Head

Dartmouth (Higher Ferry slipway)

Dartmouth Higher Ferry slipway

Car parking can be a real hassle during the summer months. You will need to be able to handle the continual flow of the ferry plus the traffic. Off season, this can be a good launch site. However, car parking is now limited to 2 hours, so this means parking elsewhere – a problem.
Sheltered from winds – N, NW, NE, SW

  • Benton Castle
  • Dancing Beggars
  • Earlstone
  • Eastern Blackstone
  • Home Stone
  • Mewstone
  • Picton Castle
  • Submarine
  • Trawler
  • Unidentified Wreck

Brixham (Breakwater)

Brixham Breakwater slipway

Brixham BreakwaterA popular site for visiting divers. Don’t let this picture fool you into thinking that Brixham is quiet. A fee is charged for launching – not cheap – but there are good car parking spaces. Just over the other side of the breakwater is an excellent shore dive site which is perfect for trying out new divers and equipment.
Sheltered from winds – W, SW, S

  • Berry Head
  • Bretagne
  • Cod Rock
  • Glocliffe
  • Gull Rock
  • Lord Stuart
  • Morris Rogue
  • Orestone
  • Perrone
  • Rota
  • Shoalstone
  • Thatcher Rock
  • The Ridge

Paignton Harbour

Paignton Harbour slipway

A good launch site, although it is a crowded place during the summer months. Lots of dinghies use this slipway. There is a launch fee and parking may involve a little walk.
Sheltered from winds – W, SW, S

  • Bretagne
  • Fairy Cove
  • Perrone
  • Roundham Head
  • The Ridge
  • The Tubes

Teignmouth Docks (Polly Steps)

Polly Steps slipway, Teignmouth

This rebuilt ramp is used as a launch site for yachts but can be used by divers. Limited parking but a nice ramp. Boats have to navigate out over the Bar.
Sheltered from winds – N, NW, W, (S)

  • Babbacombe
  • Bretagne
  • Galicia
  • Watcombe