Totnes Sub Aqua Club



The Totnes Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club was formed in 1973 and currently has over 80 members. Membership is not restricted to Totnes residents, with Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Torbay and even Sheffield represented. The branch has a "wet" session at Totnes Leisure Pool at 8.00 pm on a Wednesday evening, where members and their families are welcome to come and swim, snorkel (the branch has an active snorkelling section) or to practice their diving skills for only a small fee to cover pool costs. This is followed by the weekly gathering in the upstairs bar at the Meadowbrook Community Centre, Dartington, from around 9.00 pm onwards, for a social get together and to plan the following week's diving.
The club gained national recognition from the BSAC in 1994 when it was awarded the Heinke Trophy. This Trophy is awarded annually to the branch judged to have done most to further the interests of its members and the BSAC and is hotly contested. We were also the runners-up for the BSAC/Diver Spotlight Award in 1998 and the Heinke Trophy in 1999. We won the Heinke Trophy again in 2006 and to cap that one of our members (Richard Handy) won the Wilkinson Sword trophy for his performance in the NI exam.
South Devon is undoubtedly one of the places to live if you are a diver, with enthusiasts from all over the UK coming to the West Country every year just to dive off our coast, where underwater visibility is sometimes as good as 20-30 metres and the water abounds with colourful marine life. The area has as much to offer underwater as it does on land, with spectacular underwater scenery and many local shipwrecks to be visited.
Diving is an exhilarating sport and great fun and, given proper training, it is safer than driving to work or playing football. The branch runs regular training courses, both for those learning to dive and for more experienced divers wishing to increase their skills, such as boat handling and lifesaving or to gain higher qualifications, either using our own instructors or in conjunction with other local clubs.
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New members are always welcome, whether you are a  complete beginner who wants to learn to dive or an experienced diver who would like to join a club that does lots of varied and interesting diving. Diving is organised throughout the year at sites all over South Devon, visiting wrecks like the Persier, the Maine and the James Egan Layne; or more scenic dives such as Hilsea Point, the East Rutts and the famous Eddystone Reef. In the summer there are likely to be evening dives during the week as well as weekend diving, with all levels of experience catered for. We also make regular trips to Cornwall and expeditions to such places as the Scillies, Scotland (Oban and Scapa Flow), Pembroke, Southwest Ireland and the South of France.
It isn't all just diving either, with a programme of social events such as ten pin bowling, trips to see the likes of the Mary Rose and The Victory, and beach barbecues (umbrellas optional!).
The branch owns two RIBS each fully equipped with radio, echo sounder, electronic navigation and safety equipment. These are kept in a purpose built boatshed, which also houses our 4WD Shogun, compressor and a wide variety of training equipment.
The club is run financially by annual fees from its members as well as fund raising events through the year. Members can also pay their branch subs by standing order. The branch is managed by an elected committee of ten members who meet regularly to make major decisions affecting the organization and development of the branch.
Visiting divers, whether BSAC, SAA, PADI, NAUI, SSI or any other recognised organisation, are welcome to come and dive with the club, provided that you have a valid medical and appropriate third party insurance.
If you have any questions, or need anything explained, then please feel free to contact us at any of the numbers below, or even better - email us.

Branch Committee - 2018

Heather Milburn
(07780) 546198

Margaret Cushen
07971 392923

Sarah Dashfield
(01752) 227689
Diving Officer
Dominic Walley
(07818) 422017
Training Officer
Pete Watton
(07714) 409944
Equipment Officer
Geoff Ford
07841 464317

Membership Secretary
Peter Grimsey
(07701) 094155
Social Secretary
Marianne Lewis
07969 185238

Safeguarding Officer
Rosemarie Longfield
(01364) 72462
Sue B
Non Exec Officer
Sue Bessant

Non Exec Officer
Allen Murray

Peter Grimsey
(07701) 094155
Chris Arthur